Amendment One was a Scam.

May 29, 2008

You do get what you pay for.  The people of Florida and the Nation have to realize that taxes are the dues that we pay to be Americans.  The worst thing about our tax system is that working people are paying high taxes and getting cuts in government services, at the same time.

Amendment One was a scam.  Charlie Crist was the Scammer-in-Chief in last year’s election.  We all were bombarded last year by the post cards with Charlie Crist smiling from a blue-skyed backdrop, promising tax cuts with no pain or consequences.  In any rational culture, he would be in jail for fraud.


At the polls, don’t forget your permission slip!

May 10, 2008

On Tuesday, a little bit of our democracy died because Citizens of the United States were stripped of their inalienable right to vote because they did not have a permission slip from a government or corporate bureaucrat.

The bureaucrats at the poling place did not dispute that they were Citizens of the United States, that they were not felons, did not dispute that they were who they said they were, nor that they lived in the precinct in which they were trying to carry out their civic duty.  The only reason, they did not possess a small piece of plastic.

The United State Supreme Court in a 6 to 3 decision said that this was just fine.  Our nation has been so brainwashed by the right wing that it now places more value to rectangular pieces of plastic then the rights of its Citizens.  There is very little doubt that the  Founders are turning over in their graves.

Random thought #3

May 3, 2008

Ever notice that just about every tin-foil hat conspiracy theory about the Bush Regime turns out to be true.

Random Thought #2

February 10, 2008


the new opiate of the people.

Reflections on the Edwards campaign.

February 5, 2008

Even though John Edwards suspended has campaign last week, I still consider myself an Edwards supporter. The reason for this is simple. The issues and principles of Edwards campaign are bigger then just one man. In John Edwards the progressive movement found a rallying point.

The Edwards campaign stood for: fixing the tax system so that it favors the middle class, establishing a trade policy that brings good jobs back home, and making sure that our foreign policy servers the interests of the American people and not the multi-national corporations. These principles go beyond one man’s campaign. They are the future of the Democratic Party and the American People.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are welcome to come along in this endeavor. But they should always remember that they are servants of the progressive movement and the American People. And our movement transcends them as well.

Value of Endorsements

January 30, 2008

Howard Fineman attributes the victories of Obama and McCain in Florida to the high profile endorsements that each got this week.  I think he misses the point.

Endorsements matter because they allow a candidate to have a story for one or two news cycles. If you do this enough, it helps get the media believing that you are winning. They help a little, but will not by themselves make a victory or defeat.

The real value is the perception that the media (including Fineman) place on them.

Endorsements Matter in 2008 | Newsweek Voices – Howard Fineman |

Lawyers are like nuclear weapons…

January 28, 2008

everyone says they hate them all.  But they really only have a problem with ones the other guy has.

Edwards Won Tues Debate

January 23, 2008

If you had any doubt that John Edwards won the CNN South Carolina Debate on Tuesday, what the video at the link below:

Edwards keep winning debates, yet the Corporate Media keeps ignoring him.  Maybe its because they want anyone but Edwards to win the nomination.  If you doubt this, check out the video at the link below that will give you an idea of how Fox Noise and the rest of the Corporate Media want the race to be perceived.

I’m back and I have something new.

January 21, 2008

I started this blog back in April of last year. Things got busy and I let it slide. I am back now and will keep you updated on my view of life. I hope you enjoy the new posts.

I have started a feature call Random Thoughts. I hope you enjoy it.

Funniest Coin Ad I’ve ever seen.

January 21, 2008

You have to check out the video at the link below:

It is the coin ad that you may have seen on Countdown on Friday. I laughed so much I could barely breathe. Enjoy.